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Who We Are?

CTECH is an innovative and progressive system integrator with over 10 years of successful track record providing IT services and solutions to public and private sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

After one decade of persistent work, investment in people and facilities, CTECH is capable of delivering professionally designed and implemented IT solutions.

With over ten years of experience, providing business technology and communications solutions throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, CTECH is an innovative and progressive market leader and knows the lay of the land.
And we believe that the success in the IT industry demands imagination, professional management, dependability, and most of all, the ability to integrate diverse technologies into a creative IT solution, and that’s why we always focus on the niche market and excels to deploy the latest technological solutions. Vision is to be one of the most leading IT solution provider in the Saudi market.

What we believe

Our Clients

Ensuring that the appropriate capabilities are in place to excute the strategic plan and sufficient, appropriate and effective resources are provided.


Addressing the business risk associated with the use, ownership, operation, influence and adoption of IT wthin an enterprise.


 Whether you are establishing a whole new location or just moving a workstation, if you need network cable run through your building we can do it. Plus, we can set up systems which utilize these network runs and connect to the other machines in your home or office.


Our Team

CEO Words

Our dear customers Our mission is to serve you and our motto as mastery and testimony of your trust, and look forward to bringing with you to the 2030 achievements of our giving and determined leadership and determination.